I play the jazz flute, fretless bass, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar, drums ...,and compose.

Since childhood, I have experienced the music of various genres and gradually started to learn musical instruments, composition, arranging, multiple recording and acoustic technology. I also has a deep interest in art and philosophy in general. I creat the music, thinking of music as paintings and buildings, musical instruments as paints and building materials.


As jazz spread across the borders worldwide in each culture, I think that some structure that creates jazz and its reconstruction probably has a universal aspect. I hypothesize and explore it as "Meta-jazz".


There are various views of "jazz" definition, it is a very difficult question as to "what is  jazz?"  As elements of establishing " jazz", the elements such as "improvisation" and "feeling of swing" are considered at least. Whether there is "blues" in the central core or not, the discussion would be divided.

I think what has a element such as "blues" at least in the central core, is "jazz". I take the view that something that is not so, is rather classified as "fusion".


Activities in recent years》

○Miyazaki international street music festival 2018(Tsuyoshi Terunuma Flute Jazz)

La Vita in Miyazaki City · Acoustic Day · as a regular jazz musician

Miyazaki City nishi tachibana street · "Evening Ebisu Festival" · flute jazz solo performance at hashigo-zake event

Jazz Night Takanabe at Yasaka Shrine in Takanabe town

Hotel Kyocera in Kirishima city · Beaujolais nouveau party
Performances at various parties at Hotel Kyocera

Christmas party at Satsukien in Kagoshima prefecture Satsumasendai city 

Toyota Corolla Miyazaki 50th Anniversary Festival - Theme music of the Orange Dream Project - Playing the sax and guitar at the studio work and the event.

 On air with Miyazaki radio and TV, etc

Long-term airing on the electric bulletin board of Ehira five-way road in Miyazaki City Tachibana-dori  

(Click here for related video) 

Flute playing at the outdoor concert in the forest of Aya Town 

This concert was organized by citizen groups making the forest.

Miyazaki Airport guitar show 2017 / return (Tsuyoshi Terunuma Guitar Jazz)

Afternoon concert at Sonodachaho / Green Tea Fields

○ Saito DE  JAZZ Vol.5 in Saito city

○With renewal open, regular jazz live performance of the summer season (July - August 2016) at the cocktail lounge "Pacifica" / Hotel Sheraton in Miyazaki Sea-gaia

○Jazz concert  at 1st Aburatsu Canal Marché in Nichinan city

Jazz concert at stage event of Miyazaki Oiran Douchu 

○ Jazz concert at Saito flower festival in Saito city

Tuesday regular jazz concert for 2016 at shot bar "Potrillo" on Tachibana street niishi in Miyazaki City

○ Manouche jazz and bossa nova concert at the 21st Miyazaki sound sketch book ~ Autumn healing concert

 ○ Jazz concert at annual stage events of Kuramoto Unkai Shuzo-"Shusen no mori" in Aya town

○ Participating in organizing rock band "Blue in the dark" as an Organ & Synthesizer player by the calls of Mr. Shigeyuki Kawakami and Osamu Takeda (ex-Carmen Maki & OZ)

Jazz standard renaissance · Planning to organize the "Otogi-note", as the first bassist